Open Data Day 2022

CorrelAid X in Numbers

Open Data Day 2022

CorrelAid X in Numbers

Wann: 2022-03-05, 10:00 - 16:00

Sprache: english

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Be part of our one day cross-chapter hackathon as our contribution to the Open Data Day 2022!

CorrelAidX in Numbers - What is it about?

We as CorrelAid want to be part of the OpenData Day and want to show what happens across the different cities of our network.

That is why we will give you the chance to showcase your CorrelAidX Chapter in (open data) numbers!

Find the most absurd correlations (which we will never, ever, ever interpret in a causal manner…) in your cities or connect different sources of Open Data to generate interesting insights and tell stories about your regions. To achieve this, we want to do a one day hackathon with Open Data from YOUR city and region. If you always wanted to get your hands on local data and exchange with other data enthusiasts from your region, this is your chance!

How can you be involved?

Please fill out this form and your local CorrelAid-Chapter will reach out to you and supply you with all the details!