CorrelCon - A Weekend of Data4Good

CorrelCon - A Weekend of Data4Good

Wann: 2020-11-07

Sprache: english

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Are you interested in leveraging data for good? Then you should join us at the CorrelCon! The CorrelCon is a conference for everyone that is excited about using data and data science for the social good! From insights into our projects for NPOs to technical sessions on your favorite data science technologies - CorrelCon will have it all. ;)

For Nonprofits

Ever needed to create the same report over and over in Excel? Or design a survey for the participants in your events but didn’t know how to formulate the questions? Your data is scattered across several Excel files? You’re excited about “Artificial Intelligence” and “Big Data” but not sure how this applies to the work of your NPO? We feel you!

This is why we have reserved Friday afternoon of the CorrelCon to show you how we can support you with your data challenges. We share insights into previous projects and will talk you through how our project process works. You’ll also learn how CorrelAid can help you to empower yourself through our workshops.

For data scientists and data enthusiasts

As at our “meetups” in previous years, we hope to create a programme that will give you many opportunities to learn from each other and discuss topics surrounding data4good. The programme will include insights into our Data4Good work as well as into the other activities of the community.

You can expect discussions and input on topics like modern data science education and critical data collection. In the more technical sessions, you’ll be able to learn and discuss your favorite data science technologies and domains with other like-minded data enthusiasts. From the newest Shiny packages to working with geographical data to concrete tips and resources for beginners on how to start their data science journey - there will be plenty of opportunities to share knowledge and expand your data science horizon. Because that is what the CorrelAid network is all about!

We are still working on the details of the programme (speakers, adding more community-focused spaces) and there might be some changes, e.g. to the technical sessions, but feel free to register now so we can keep you updated over the next few weeks!

We are looking forward to a creative, techy weekend with you!