e-Rum 2020 - (Knowledge) sharing is caring!

Open Online Data Meetup - Vol. 1

e-Rum 2020 - (Knowledge) sharing is caring!

Open Online Data Meetup - Vol. 1

Wann: 2020-06-24

Sprache: english

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The event

We’re really excited to invite you to the first ever Open Online Data Meetup, our new online-based meetup series. We meet on Wednesday, 24th of June at 7pm (UTC+2) to talk about all things regarding eRum 2020 and have a collective “what I learned at e-Rum” session. Everyone is welcome at the meetup, regardless of your level of #rstats experience and of whether you could attend the conference!

The European R Users Meeting takes place every two years and features keynotes, regular talks, workshops and poster sessions about R. This year, the conference takes place as an online conference (hence e-Rum instead of eRum) from June 17th until June 20th.

Online conferences are great because there’s no travel and you can participate from everywhere, your desk or your bed. And in the case of e-Rum, it’s totally free! 😊 On the other hand, it might be harder to take time out of your day to watch everything you want when you’re already sitting at your laptop, working from home. 🎉

This is why we want to invite you to the Open Online Data Meetup to share interesting packages, approaches and other insights from the different sessions with other R enthusiasts. In this way, everyone can take away as much as possible from the conference. Knowledge sharing for the win!

Depending on the number of participants, the discussion will be guided to some extent by our host, Frie, but the character of this meetup will be very casual in the line of “meet other R enthusiasts, chat and learn from each other”!

Please take the time to quickly register on Eventbrite for the event! 😊


Please register on Eventbrite. Once you’ve registered, you’ll find the Zoom link there.

The Open Online Data Meetup

The Open Online Data Meetup (OODM) is an online-based meetup series which provides the space to share interesting insights and entertaining stories from the field of data science with other people from the community. OODM is organized by the CorrelAid Education Team together with CorrelAidX Bremen. If you’re interested in speaking at the OODM, please write an email to the organizing team.




Chief Operating Officer

Frie has been a part of CorrelAid since the beginnings in 2015. Since February 2020, she has the opportunity to work full-time for CorrelAid. Together with Manuel, she is responsible for the coordination of our data4good projects. In addition, she collaborates with Jasmin on education and knowledge management topics and likes to program internal tooling for CorrelAid. For all this, she can draw from her two-year experience working as an IT consultant during which she was able to learn a lot about working in and implementing techical projects.

[ frie.p@correlaid.org ]