Doing Data4Good: Our Projects

At the core of our work are our skilled volunteering projects in which we connect data analysts from our network with non-profit organisations (NPO). In our projects, you have the opportunity to apply your skills to the real problems our partner organisations face. In a team with 2-6 other people, you’ll help your partner NPO to gain insight into their own data and leverage the results. Does not matter if you’re still at the beginning of your data science journey or if you have multiple years of job experience: our projects are open to everyone regardless of background or preexisting skills.

For each project, a call for applications is published via our e-mail newsletter. The application is then open to all data analysts of our network and you can apply for all the projects you find interesting.

Your involvement

  • 2-6 months, ca. 4 hours per week
  • typically remote collaboration over Slack and Zoom
  • work with open source technologies like R, Python, and Git/GitHub


Data4Good Projects & COO

You can always reach out to Frie if you have any questions about our projects or if have an idea for a cool project!

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