Volunteering at CorrelAid

Our network provides different possibilities to network and get active for Data4Good. Our activities and offers are open to everyone as long as they behave in line with our Code of Conduct. If you want to support CorrelAid beyond volunteering with us, you can also become a member of the registered assocation CorrelAid e.V..

Want to learn more about the way we work and our principles? Check out the section below or take a look at our Hitchhiker’s Guide to CorrelAid. Our regular newsletter is the best way to stay up to date about offers and activities within CorrelAid.

Doing Data4Good: Our Projects

As a member of a Data4Good project team, you'll support a social organization with their data challenge - together with other dedicated data people. At the same, you'll get the opportunity to apply and expand your skills.

CorrelAid: A remote network

Founded in a small town in southern Germany, CorrelAid has always been a remote-first network. A lot of our activities are accessible to anyone with a decent internet connection.

CorrelAidX - Data4Good on the local level

In our mission to democratize data science our CorrelAid X chapters help us to bring Data4Good near you. Connect with other data enthusiasts in your region and have real impact on the local level: CorrelAid X is the right place to start!



Head of Community Management

Do you want to learn more about how you can get involved at CorrelAid? Or you don’t know yet what’s right for you? You can always arrange an informal meeting with our Community Manager Isabel. She is looking forward to meeting you, sharing more information with you and finding out where your place in CorrelAid can be. She also happily adds you to our Slack channel, where our daily communication happens.

[ isabel.w@correlaid.org ]