CorrelAid License Contract

§1 Our Mission

CorrelAid is a non-partisan non-profit network of data science enthusiasts who want to change the world through data science. We dedicate our work to the social sector and those organizations that strive for making the world a better place. In order to improve data literacy in society, we share our knowledge within our network and beyond and are always looking for ways to broaden our horizons.

We value open knowledge management and transparency in our work wherever possible while complying with GDPR regulations and following strong principles of data ethics.

§2 Our Work

Our work is based on three pillars:

  • We enable data analysts and scientists to apply their knowledge for the common good and social organizations to increase their impact on society by conducting pro-bono data for good (Data4Good) projects focusing on data analysis
  • We educate social organizations on data-related topics and foster the individual development journey of our community members by offering them opportunities to connect, share and learn
  • We broaden our outreach by engaging in a dialogue about the value and usefulness of data and data analysis for the common good

§3 Our values

We are an inclusive network in which diversity is valued and promoted. We firmly reject any form of discrimination, violence or harassment. We value appreciative communication and value each other’s voluntarily dedicated time and work. The learning experience of our volunteers is the core of our mission. In addition, their involvement in our skilled-volunteering projects benefits the social sector and broader society. Our franchises adhere to the code of conduct we set for our work.

§4 Our partners

We work with Non-profit-organizations (NPOs), institutions and partners that dedicate their resources to make the world a better place. When deciding on partners to cooperate with, we place great emphasis on the organization’s dedication to our values (cf. our Code of Conduct), its commitment to social good and the benefits to society that a potential project will bring.

§5 Our communication

With our (non-profit) networks outside of Germany we aim to scale our mission beyond the borders.

In order to successfully fulfill this vision, we want to gain visibility to extend our reach and impact. That is why we share our name and registered trademark CorrelAid.

To be recognized by the public as a growing network, we follow our common design guidelines, mainly but not exclusively the three basic principles below:

  1. The name CorrelAid refers to the original network based in Germany. For this purpose, the green and blue logo and corresponding color palette should be used.
  2. CorrelAid outside of Germany should be called CorrelAid + name of country, for example CorrelAid Netherlands. For local chapter groups within a country, the naming should be as follows: CorrelAidX + name of the city, for example CorrelAidX Amsterdam. In both cases, the purple and blue logo and corresponding color palette should be used.
  3. For all our documents we use the (freely available) Roboto font.

For all further questions, kindly consider our design guide.

§6 Our responsibilities

To develop our work strategically and to keep track of the impact of our organization’s work, we monitor and evaluate our activities. We must therefore keep informed of all activities undertaken on behalf of CorrelAid. With a standardized annual report form, we guarantee to make strategic decisions that benefit all our members.

We are open to all who wish to contribute to our mission and agree with and promote our core values and principles as presented by our ethical guidelines and code of conduct.