Our Year 2022

At the end of the year, we review the results of our work, events and experiences. Have fun exploring!

2022-12-19 | Zoé Wolter

Our Year 2022

13 Data4Good Projects

In 2022, 45 CorrelAid volunteers were active in 13 projects with 8 partner organizations, 5 of which were completed in 2022. From data visualization, process automation to open source package development: You have moved Data4Good forward and made the potential of data and data analytics for good a bit more accessible!

Organizations we have worked with: Medito Foundation, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, Deutscher Caritasverband e.V. Referat Soziale Lebenslagen und Solidarität, FenixAid, Citizens For Europe, Karla Konstanz, Stolpersteine Konstanz, Frag den Staat and the Mobility and Innovation Office of the City of Paris.

We thank:

  • the representatives from the partner organizations for the good cooperation in the projects
  • all volunteers who were active in the projects for their time and commitment
  • the volunteers who applied but were not able to get a place

You are great! <3

Four rounds of “R Lernen”

IIn four rounds of our data course “Learn R from and for Civil Society”, between 15 and 25 participants each learned about the statistical programming language R and in a practice-oriented way how to use data and thus ensure the quality of their programs, steer them and legitimize them externally. We were supported by the “Deutsche Stiftung für Engagement und Ehrenamt” and awarded by GoVolunteer. A big thank you especially to the volunteer tutors who make our data course possible!

10 new episodes of CorrelTalk

The CorrelTalk podcast team has been busy recording episodes for you again this year, ten in total! How does data help in a crisis? What role does AI play in climate change? How big is the power potential of voters with a migration background? These and many more questions are answered in the podcast, listen in and be curious about new episodes in the coming year!

CorrelAid in the media and publications

What do you do as a volunteer at CorrelAid? What role do values play in our work? What is Data4Good anyway? How can we break down barriers when it comes to data? How do data skills and marketing fit together? Our CorrelAiders have been talking about this and much more in the media and in scientific publications this year:

Google Workspace Migration

Long discussed and now implemented this year: our migration to Google Workspace - a common place for all our volunteers and local groups, emails and calendars for all volunteers. The highlight: our emails are once again reliably arriving where they should!

Numerous Workshops

Whether for other foundations and non-profits, in our Open Online Data Meetup, in our local chapters, e.g. with the “Weekly Visualizations” series in Austria, and at universities, e.g. with coding workshops at the University of Konstanz, or in cooperation with cyberLAGO e.V. at the workshop series Inside Data Bodensee - our workshops and educational work are almost everywhere. We are already looking forward to many more in the new year!

Dataquest Partnership

Dataquest supported us again this year with free licenses for their excellent data science online courses. On Dataquest, each of our Data Scientists can continue their education individually to be able to support our project partners even better in their data challenges.

Open Data Day

Our Local Chapters were also at Open Data Day on March 05, 2022! With the help of Zoom, Local Chapters engaged with open data in their region: Where are there particularly many accidents with bikes? Can reported defects be visualized on a map

Ethics Committee

One question always arises: ‘With whom do we do projects and under what circumstances?’ In March, our General Assembly therefore elected our Ethics Committee for the first time. Its main task is to review our projects with regard to data ethics standards and to review our Code of Conduct.

Retreat Wiesbaden

In May, our volunteers from all over Europe met in almost the middle: for the retreat in Wiesbaden. Three days were about the future of CorrelAid - but of course also just about enjoying the time together at one place


Five CorrelAiders attended the TechConference of the TechAcademy in Frankfurt in June to exchange ideas with other initiatives and associations in the field of digitization, technology and digital education. Our goal was to anchor the idea of Data4Good with the other initiatives.

Hackathon-Jahr in Konstanz

DThree hackathons in one year - that’s what our local chapter in Konstanz managed in 2022. The SÜDKURIER Data Days in June, the Hack and Harvest Hackathon in July and the Open Data Hackathon at the end of the year in December. Here’s to continuing the same next year!


We all know it: being overtaken with too little distance while cycling. This year, our local chapter in Köln dealt with this issue by assembling OpenBike sensors and taking them with them while cycling, in order to visualize and evaluate the collected data on a map.

Hackathon: Diversity Data

Data science systems have enormous potential to influence decision makers and the way they make decisions. A diverse range of people should therefore have the opportunity to contribute to and influence the processing, interpretation, and use of data. Diversity is also important to us so that diverse perspectives and backgrounds improve the quality and validity of our work, increase the chances of making a positive impact on society, and reduce harmful errors, blind spots, and bias. A hackathon on this topic was therefore held in early September in Berlin together with Citizens for Europe - two days of coding on a super interesting and important topic!

Bits & Bäume

In the fall, Lisa presented how to build open source learning platforms at the Bits & Bäume conference at TU Berlin - based on our experience with the learning platform for our data course “Learn R for Civil Society”. Great exchange on exciting topics and great talks on topics like sustainability of digitalization, cell phone apps as power guzzlers and the use of image recognition to save resources.

TU Clausthal

In October, Zoé and Phil were invited to the joint working group meeting of the AG DANK and AG MARKETING of the “Gesellschaft für Klassifikation” at the TU Clausthal. In line with the theme of the conference - ‘Responsible Data Analysis and Machine Learning’ - we were able to present our work and Data4Good there!

CorrelAidX Challenge

In November, this year’s CorrelAidX Challenge started in cooperation with CORRECTIV.Lokal - at the kickoff meeting with over 80 participants! For nine weeks, our volunteer data scientists and the local journalists have time to work in the regional teams with the offshore databases and discover exciting stories in the data.

Datendialog mit der Bertelsmannstiftung

In November, four different teams from the Bertelsmann Stiftung presented their project ideas to more than 30 of our public-spirited data scientists from CorrelAid at their office in Berlin. We then came together in smaller groups to discuss how they can use innovative datasets and methods to better address the problems their research is designed to solve.

Community Event

The day after the data dialogue in Berlin, our community event followed. In addition to fairlanguage several volunteers from the CorrelAid community held workshops on various aspects of data collection, processing and communication. Afterwards, we went on guided city tours through Berlin on the topics of Berlin migration stories and life on the streets with querstadtein e.V. to end the day informally afterwards with a round of drinks at the Kulturfabrik Moabit. A big thank you to all our volunteers for everything you make possible!

Zoé Wolter

Zoé Wolter

Zoé is responsible for education at CorrelAid e.V. For her, 2022 was also a year in which a lot has changed: from the coordination of the local group in Konstanz and the tutorial support of “R Lernen” to being working student and taking over tasks in the field of education. She is already looking forward to everything that will be implemented with CorrelAid in 2023!