Join CorrelAid e.V.

Why join CorrelAid e.V.?

CorrelAid is a network of data science enthusiasts who want to change the world with the help of data science. CorrelAid e.V. is a registered German non-profit association and the legal structure that supports the work of CorrelAid. Our employees Isabel and Frie as well as our working student Zoé who make a significant part of the CorrelAid offers possible are employed by the association. CorrelAid e.V. consists of about 50 members, amongst whom the board and the ethics committee are elected.

Important: All CorrelAid offers and activities are open to everyone, regardless of whether they are a member of the association CorrelAid e.V. (exception: activity in the bodies of the association, currently board and ethics committee).

Why should you become a member anyway?

  1. support CorrelAids idea!

As a member of CorrelAid e.V. you support our work ideally as well as financially (if you can). As a non-profit organization, we provide almost all of our services free of charge, from workshops to Data4Good projects to our mentoring program. Hence, membership fees are especially helpful to us as they are a recurring and independent source of funding. With your contributions, we can co-finance fundamental CorrelAid building blocks such as servers or software licenses. This digital infrastructure is the basis of CorrelAid as a “digital association”. In addition, we organize a big community event every year which is also funded by the association.

  1. Make decisions and take responsibility!

As an active member of the association you are expected to take part in the annual general assembly. The general assembly decides on motions that have a significant impact on the structure of CorrelAid. As a member you can bring in your own motions. In addition, the assembly elects the Board and the Ethics Committee - bodies that have significant influence on the work of CorrelAid. At the same time, an active membership allows you to run for these important bodies yourself!

Become a member now!

Note: the assocation works in German so far. Documents are only available in German. Of course, we don’t exclude people who don’t speak German, but be aware that you might need to do some translating (e.g. with deepl).

  1. inform yourself about the association’s statutes and the fee regulations
  2. decide on the type of membership that suits you best.
  • Active membership: “Active members are all those association members who actively participate in the organization and development of the association, especially by organizing and participating in a certain topical area or in the Local Chapters. They are entitled to vote in the general assembly.”
    • regular fee: 50 Euro / year
    • reduced fee (students and persons with an income below 2,000 Euro gross / month, after consultation with financial board member)
    • fees can be waived in justified individual cases
  • Sponsoring membership: “Sponsoring members are all those members of the association who want to support the association financially because they benefit from the association’s offers in the field of education and/or projects or because they identify with the association on a non-material level. Sponsoring members are not entitled to vote in the general assembly.”
    • fees: flexible, at least 30 Euro / year

Please note that active members are expected to attend the general meeting. For membership details, please see the fee regulations.

  1. Fill out the membership form and upload the registration form and the SEPA direct debit mandate. You can find these documents here.

Our CFO Konstantin is available for questions or problems via email.

Just want to donate?

A membership is too much for you? You can easily support CorrelAid with a (regular) donation via Betterplace. Of course you will get a donation receipt, so you can deduct your donation in your (German) tax returns.