Data privacy

Data privacy affects us all, but let’s face it: “Yes, I have read and accepted the privacy policy” is probably one of the most frequently expressed lies on the internet. Even among data analysts, who are probably more sensitive towards that issue than the average user is, only a few will have carefully read the terms and conditions of the wesites they are registered at. However, privacy and data security concerns are taken to a whole new level, once one has to work with private data of other, uninvolved people - Just like we do at CorrelAid.

We are well aware of the responsibilities we have towards our cooperation partners who entrust us with their data. This is why we put great emphasis on data security and make sure, that the highest possible standards of data protection and privacy are applied throughout the entire project. While some data might appear unproblematic at the first, and even the second glance, we follow a strict “Better safe than sorry” approach and ensure that even seemingly uproblematic data is subject to the same, high standards. At the beginning of each project, our team of volunteers has to sign a non-disclosure agreement and is briefed on how to properly deal with personal data. Furthermore, we provide our teams with a working environment that follows both, national German law as well as the EU general data protection regulation.

If you have any further questions on how we handle privacy and data security at CorrelAid, feel free to contact our data security officer Thomas.




Thomas has been involved at CorrelAid since 201. He's responsible for ensuring data privacy and security in our projects and day-to-day work. He likes the interdisciplinary teams at CorrelAid and is fascinated by the diverse applications of data science for the social good.

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