Our partners and sponsors


Dataquest provides us with free licenses for their excellent data science courses. Through Dataquest, each data scientist for social good can get the training they need in order to be best prepared to help non-profit organisations with their data challenges.


Google.org has been supporting CorrelAid e.V. in the scaling of its processes, activities and impact since 2019 and will continue to serve as a crucial partner until the end of 2022. Without the generous basic funding, we could not offer many of our services to civic society. Through the support, we were able to grow the CorrelAid e.V. network by 50%, conducted four times more projects and were finally able to kick off long-awaited educational programs.


Die Deutsche Stiftung für Engagement und Ehrenamt (DSEE) is funding volunteering in Germany since 2020. Thanks to their support, we are able to offer the 12-weeks course “R Lernen - Der Datenkurs von und für die Zivilgesellschaft” since 2021, during which representatives of civic society learn how to tackle data-related challenges and solve them in the programming language R.


Each year IOMIDS enables our volunteers to join their data science courses for free. Their course range includes introductionary classes to workshops on deep learning. In class, participants do not only learn the theory related to analytical tools but they can practice their skills in projects with real-world data. The stipends are allocated during an application process announced via our community newsletter.

D3 - so geht digital

Together with D3 - so geht digital, OpenTransfer and GoVolunteer we came up with “Plötzlich digital: Die Sprechstunde (“digital over night: the walk-in hour”) at the beginning of the Corona crisis. Every other week, nonprofits get the opportunity to learn more about new tools for digital collaboration. Whether Slack, Trello, HumHub, Office365, Nextcloud or Password Manager: experts give a 45-minute practical introduction into a tool that they know by heart. Thanks to the excellent organizational skills of the D3 team, the format has been going strong for 1,5 years! You can find more information - and the recordings of all past sessions - here.